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H2O Operations Group is the operating entity for these Freshwater Railway transit services:

For information about all Freshwater Railway services, please visit www.fwrail.org. That's where you'll find maps, schedules and tools to ride.

At H2O Operations Group, we deal exclusively with day-to-day service delivery matters. Our staff of 188 professionals is dedicated to providing a safe, reliable, friendly experience with every ride you take.

We are a subsidiary of Freshwater Railway Corporation. As such, we share in the innovative principles which are helping to reshape public services. Though Freshwater Railway is our sole "client", we're constantly testing new operational methods which may appeal to the entire transit community.

As our business and our practices evolve, we'll share our findings here. In the meantime, we are providing this basic site as a resource for career seekers, current employees, and people who really dig transit behind-the-scenes.


Current Employees

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You: cheerful, reliable, and love to be part of something big. Us: a key asset in moving and improving the community. Are you thinking what we're thinking?

We offer a wide range of full-time and part-time opportunities. We're an ideal employer for career transit veterans or for multi-talented people seeking a stable part-time gig. Here's what's open right now:

Train Conductor - Part-Time (posting #HR50-00204)

Collect fares and interact with customers on designated train trips. Bring your sea legs!

Bus Operator - Part-Time (posting #HR50-00177)

Pilot 40- and 60-foot transit buses through busy city traffic – and do it all while assisting customers. Up to 25 hours per week with many shift combinations available.

Bus Operator - Full-Time (posting #HR50-00176)

Pilot 40- and 60-foot transit buses through busy city traffic – and do it all while assisting customers. Minimum 40 hours, maximum 45 hours per week – five-day and "4-10" assignments available.

Operations Improvement Specialist (posting #HR50-00093)

Stay on the vanguard! You'll interact extensively with customers, vehicle operators, and planning staff. With this wide range of inputs, you'll help develop solutions that improve efficiency and enhance quality.

For more information on joining the team, please contact us at h2o.hr@fwrail.org.

Ops Innovation Studio

Check back here for research, observations and ideas – fresh from the field! It's coming soon...

Transit Geeks

We know you're out there!

Fleet – read all about our trains, buses and equipment.

Schedules – you don't really love transit until you love cascaded running times, smooth headways, slick blocks and a clean runcut.